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(a) Contents of Application. An individual who seeks admission to the Bar of Maryland pursuant to Rule 19-201 shall apply for admission. The application for admission shall consist of a completed Character Questionnaire filed pursuant to Rule 19-205 and either

(1) a Notice of Intent to Take the UBE in Maryland pursuant to Rule 19-206 or

(2) a Notice of Intent to Transfer a Qualifying UBE Score pursuant to Rule 19-207.

(b) Withdrawal of Application. At any time, an applicant may withdraw an application by filing with the Board written notice of withdrawal. No fees will be refunded.

Committee note: Withdrawal of an application terminates all aspects of the admission process. Compare to Rules 19-206(e) and 19-210(e), pertaining to withdrawal of a Notice of Intent.

(c) Subsequent Application. An applicant who reapplies for admission after an earlier application has been withdrawn pursuant to subsection (b) of this Rule or Rule 19-204 or has been rejected pursuant to Rule 19-204 must retake and pass the UBE in Maryland or transfer a then-qualifying UBE score, even if the applicant passed the bar examination in Maryland or transferred a qualifying UBE score when the earlier application was pending. If the applicant failed the examination when the earlier application was pending, each failure shall be counted under Rule 19-210.