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Bar Admissions Blog

Helping Bar Applicants Prove Character and Fitness for Admission to the Bar

Second Chances

Q. I've made many mistakes in my life, but I've worked hard to overcome the past. How can I prove that I'm not the same person anymore?

Erasing Debt

Q. I've accumulated several debts in the past few years. Must I pay them all off before they'll admit me to the bar?

Cheating Yourself

Q. I got caught cheating on a law school exam, received a failing grade in the course and got reprimanded. How will this affect my admissions efforts?

Investing in Dreams

Q. Released from juvie at 18, I graduated to felonies and 85 months for wire fraud. Turning to the other side of the law, I earned a criminal justice degree while incarcerated and applied to five law schools thereafter. I only got into one. Am I wasting time on a dream that won't materialize?

Domestic Violence

Q. To gain leverage in a contentious custody battle, my ex accused me of hitting him and our kids. Though he threatened to call the police, he didn't do so after settling the case. Must I disclose his frivolous accusations?

Mental Health Disclosures

Q. After a suicide attempt as a college junior, I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Thanks to medication and psychotherapy, I finished college, survived law school, and am doing much better. Must I disclose this on my bar application?